Enrolling New Students

While following safety guidelines we have been successfully continuing with online lessons for our existing students to keep them safe and busy. We are taking inquiries for new students who would like to join for summer or long term lessons. Please call us on 972-393-0600 to set up an appointment to visit our school and get more information. We are practicing social distancing, and sanitizing. We encourge you to do the same and to wear mask while on our property to ensure your and our safety.

News & More

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve around the world, our priority continues to be the health and safety of our employees, students and parents, in addition to our commitment to supporting your needs in the most effortless way possible. We are providing online lessons to all our students. Please reach out to Mr. Major or your teacher if any question or need more information.

Why Music

Recent studies have shown that people who play piano perform better all around in their school work. Playing piano allows you to use right and left brain to its maximum capacity. Playing piano helps better memory and cognitive functions.

Few other top benefits of Music --

1. Music makes you happier
2. Music enhances running performance
3. Music lowers stress and improves health
4. Music helps you sleep better
5. Music strengthens learning and memory
6. Music reduces pain
7. Music increases verbal intelligence
8. Music raises IQ and academic performance

About Mr. Mario Major (Mr. Major)

Proud owner Mr. Mario Major has won numerous awards for piano, voice and musicals. For over 43 years, Mr. Major has challenged students to be all they can be. He has taught at North Hills Preparatory in Irving, Texas for 5 years. North Hills is recognized, much to Mario’s credit, as one of the top ten schools in the nation....

Videos To Share

Mr. Major performing at DFW Kalakars' event
Christmas recital at 3M Academy Of Music
Mr. Major of 3M Music School plays Indian song on Piano


Kal Ho na Ho and Tum hi ho

John Legend - All OF me

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