Shruthi says -
3m's academy of music made me fall in love with music. I studied precussion and piano for two years before high school got the best of me. I have learned to appreciate and love classical music and drums in songs I listen to. This place allowed me to explore music and expand my horizons.I regret not continuing my musical abilities here.

Shawn Besaw says -
My wife and I feel very blessed to have 3M Academy teaching both of our boys music. Our sons ages are 9 and 11 and not only are they excellent at playing piano, but knowledge of music is also impressive. We've had many compliments of how well the play from friends, family and strangers. Recently we have our oldest learning to play trombone, so the school provices us with many opportunities and options. Mario is an award winning teacher that not only has great knowledge, talent and professionalism, but he is also an excellent with students of all ages.

Kanishka says -
3M is an absolutely wonderful place to study music. I've studied drums, piano, guitar and coive here for years and every experience has been fantastic. The atmosphere is nice, too; all the staff memebers are so kind and accepting and definitely make it worth the time being there. Mr. Major is an accomplished and exceptional painist that puts his all into making sure that you will not be disappointed and that your love for music flourishes into something beautiful.

Rama says -
It's great for Music lover. Our daughter has been goign there for almost 4 years now for Piano and we love the way she improved and likes music now. Thank you!!